Style Talking with Interior Designer Kate Sadler

Passionate about property, Laragh’s leading interior designer is renowned for her tailored masterpieces and unique ability to create a sense of style and space throughout many high-level projects. 
Kate answers 10 questions…
1  What drives your passion?
I am passionate about creating spaces that work perfectly for the people who use them. I love it when my designs have a positive impact on their lives.
2 How would you define style?
I would say my own personal style is paired back and classic with a contemporary twist. I like my spaces to feel airy and uncluttered, and beautiful in their simplicity. Somewhere you can be calm and escape the busy world outside.
3 Why is harmonious design so important?
The subtle repetition of a particular design element, such as colour, shape or texture can create a wonderful sense of unity. It has the capacity to pull an entire scheme together and help achieve that desired impression, impact or mood for your surroundings.
4 What are the essential elements to remember?
Think about functionality of the space and how you would like to use it to create the perfect layout. Highlight the positives. Your room might be small but have a beautiful view over the garden, or you may have a bedroom with limited natural light, so soft luxurious materials and good lighting effects could feel very cosseting. Reflect your personality and style. I like to walk into a room and get a sense of the people who live within it. Family heirlooms, pieces bought on holiday and well-loved artwork all have a place and should be incorporated into the design.
5 How do you visualise from an empty space?
I discuss with my client what they want to achieve and how they will utilise the room. I then look for any architectural features or positive elements that I can enhance as a starting point for my designs.
6 What are the current trends to look for?
I am not a slave to fashion and would always recommend following your own style rather than what’s currently on-trend, to avoid it dating quickly. However, I really like that people are now less afraid to use colour on the walls and are open to darker shades, which can be used to create drama in a room. The move away from washed-out floorboards in favour of darker timber floors can also look very chic.
7  Where do you find inspiration?
In my clients, their furniture, artwork, heirlooms and of course, the property itself. My designs reflect people in their homes and the landscape around them.
8 Does Cambridge impact on your concepts?
Definitely. Many different areas of Cambridge are inspirational; from the fabulous colour combinations at the Botanic Gardens to the paired back and beautifully curated Kettles Yard House.
9 What do you love most about your work?
All of my clients are different and the properties I work on vary greatly, which means that no project is ever the same. It keeps things diverse and interesting, such as the new Laragh developments at Manor Farm in Stretham and The Pastures in Harston – entirely different space concepts but equally as exciting with fresh design concepts.
10 Tell us about your favourite projects…
I was involved in designing a new working studio for a Cambridge artist, seeing how incredibly inspired she feels working there makes it all worthwhile. On a community level, creating the Manor Farm show home was very special, as a ground-breaking development concept, it is amazing to know that the new owners absolutely love their living space.
About Kate Sadler
Kate’s experience spans more than a decade and includes a career at Sotheby’s Auction House in London, where she was immersed in great design and craftsmanship. Kate went on to work for the celebrated designer Rose Uniacke before setting up her own successful company in Cambridge, offering a complete solution for those looking to make inspired changes to their properties.