Community gains as keys are handed to SWCLT at Manor Farm in Stretham

The completion of seven brand-new properties on phase two of Laragh’s landmark development near Ely gives local people accessibility to affordable quality homes

Cambridgeshire developer Laragh has been working closely with the Stretham and Wilburton Community Land Trust (SWCLT) to ensure that people who live and work locally have access to new homes being built in the area.

Supporting the community by providing affordable rental and shared ownership opportunities, the scheme enables those with strong local links to live in their home village, helping to keep family networks together.

While properties at Manor Farm are in high demand, with affordable houses mixed with open-market houses built to the same quality, this collaboration looks to tackle the ‘Cambridge effect’ of property prices.

Charles Roberts, Chairman of SWCLT said: “We haven’t seen quality builds like this in our area for a very long time. Developers Laragh have been absolutely fantastic in supporting us and they’ve done exactly what they said they would do right from the start – we agreed the way forward and they have delivered.”

The SWCLT allocations policy specifies a housing need and strong local connection for applicants unable to afford to rent or buy a suitable home in the open market. Eligibility includes; sharing with parents, living in a home that is too small, too expensive, unsuitable. With exclusive availability to local people through SWCLT, applicants that have a strong connection will be prioritised based on various village factors such as local employment, close family ties and children at the school.

Pictured: Hannah Greenhow, Sales & Marketing Manager for Laragh, hands over keys at Manor Farm in Stretham to Charles Roberts, Chairman of SWCLT.